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Alissa has worked in conjunction with the following programs over the course of her career:


Educator, Editor, Media Manager, Instructor


Alissa is an artist, aspiring educator, and founder of Chevy to the Levy Films. She currently makes art and films in Austin, Texas.




The Real Dirt on Farmer John

Assistant editor/ Post Production Coordinator



Motorcycles and Women (Working Title)

Assistant Director



Will Wait 4 Food

Co-Director, Editor

(2003) 26 mins.




The All Seeing (based off the short story by Anais Nin)

Director/ Producer

(2004) 18 mins.


The Dining Party

Director/ Editor/ Co-Producer

(2002) 4 mins.



Co-Director/ Producer /Co-Editor

(2002) 5 mins.





Director/ Editor

Kiss The Girl

(2003) 4 mins.


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